Hunt New Zealand

Breathtaking Landscapes and Diverse Game Animals

Join us for big Game hunting in the most scenic part of the world! Our outfitter offers free range hunts on private property for a red stag, fallow buck, chamois, goat and awapara ram. The ranch is 15,000 acres and there are 45 miles of tracks which assist in getting you around so that you can glass and then pursue your dream animal. Here you will typically find bronze and silver medal stags, with an occasional gold medal monster.

Come and Join us in 2017

Hunting starts as early as February and goes all the way through until June. The roar is typically from 20 March – 20 April and the Tahr are in full cape early May. Don’t despair if you are visiting New Zealand in the latter half of the year we can still arrange a great free range hunt for you.

You Choose your Accommodation
At the private ranch we have a range of accommodation so there is something to suit you and your budget. It doesn’t matter if you are a group of friends, colleagues, a couple or travelling alone. We can look after you. To give you a bit of a feel here are some packages that we put together this year. Many have brought a group of friends (mixture including husbands & wives) and they stayed at Waitoa – the 4 bedroom holiday house on the Lake front in Lake Hawea. Minutes away from the ranch, the hunters left early and often came back in the afternoon to relax before going out hunting again. They enjoyed a variety of dinners and BBQ at Waitoa and dinner at the Lake Hawea Hotel. We picked up the wives most mornings and toured them around the area. We are not sure who had the best day – the hunters or the wives as entertainment is only minutes away from the ranch.

More Info

Some have stayed at Waitoa and chose to self-cater for half of it. They shopped for their groceries but they still had lots of meals and fun times with us e.g. lunch down at the beach and dinners at the ranch. Our kids loved meeting their children and they enjoyed showing them how to play cricket on the front lawn. Others have stayed at the 3 bedroom holiday lodge at the Lake Hawea Holiday Park (which is owned by the ranch owners). Also minutes from the ranch, they too had supplies for breakfast and lunch and also enjoyed sharing some evening meals with us. Mike the Manager at the park is a great guy and really looked after them smoking fish for them and having lots of fun. Couples also stayed at the Holiday Park enjoying the small cottages and independence.

Some hunters don’t want to spend anything on accommodation, while others want a bit of luxury at the end of the day. Some hunters are travelling around NZ in a campervan and they chose to stay at the holiday park and join us for a dinner or two.

Most of our clients couldn’t resist upgrading their hunt once they got here and saw how spectacular the land and animals were. You can always change your package with your guide when you get out here.

Depending on the packages you choose and your individual needs we can customize a trip to fit your individual needs, give us a call and let’s talk about creating a trip you will never forget.


Red Stag Packages

Free Range Stag Hunts Start at $4750.00 and include 6days/5night accommodations with all food, beverages and transportation.

Red Stag 6 Package

6days/5night accommodations with all food, beverages and transportation.

Costs:  Package-$4,750

Fallow Buck

Fallow buck run wild over most of the ranch. Their Hungarian bloodline makes them great eating. Their capes vary from browns, white and tan colored and look fantastic on a shoulder mount.


Many of our clients really enjoyed adding a Himalayan Tahr on to their hunt. A number of clients enjoyed the scenic drive around the Lake to the Dingleburn or Makarora to hunt the Tahr on foot. Some clients have a night away from the ranch with their guide. They hunted their Tahr on a high country station and stayed in the shearer’s quarters for a night.

While some choose to head to the west Coast with their guide and do an aerial assisted Heli Hunt for a Tahr. The assisted heli hunt is a neat option and is worth considering and often involves doing quite a big stalk on foot. They are dropped off high up for the day to hunt in the Southern Alps. Normally this would take days to get into these concession areas so it saves time as well as them seeing some spectacular scenery. Note this is also good chamois country too.


We have Chamois on the ranch for you to hunt on foot. They can be one of the hardest trophies to get but they create a great adventure and challenge. But, if you are beaten on foot there is always the assisted heli option available.


If you are coming all this way and enjoy fishing then let us know as we have some of the best fishing in New Zealand. We have Quinnat salmon, rainbow and brown trout waiting for you. Why not fresh water fly fish the local lakes and rivers while you are here. We can arrange a guide and for those real adventurers a day’s heli fishing the back country rivers is an awesome experience. You can also use a spin rod from the lake edge, have a go at drift fishing down the Clutha River or troll from a boat. And Mike our manager at the holiday park loves smoking your catch so you can have it with your pre dinner drinks.

Depending on the packages you choose and your individual needs we can customize a trip to fit your individual needs, give us a call and let’s talk about creating a trip you will never forget.